Open to the public and free of charge, visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind museum that features an educational look at the firearms of the past, present and future.  Also included in the collection are missiles, battleship projectiles, swords, daggers, and other miscellaneous wartime items.  In addition to exploring the museum, visitors can enjoy the machine gun experience where many firearms on display in the museum can be used in our indoor shooting range.  Located in Wynwood, the Lock & Load Museum is dedicated to promoting history along with the safe handling, use and showcase of firearms.

Some of What You Will See at Lock & Load Museum:

▪ Wartime firearms and historical items:
    ▫ Civil War
    ▫ Vietnam War
    ▫ World War I
    ▫ World War II
Heckler & Koch collection: impressive number of pistols, including the rare P7s, by the German firearm manufacturer
Past, Present, and Rare Replicas:  we showcase over 25 different replicas with information placards of every firearm that visitors can use in our machine gun experience.  These non-firing, replica firearms can be taken off the wall by visitors for photographs and to get a feel for the size.   Firearms range from the old – Tommy gun, AK47, Uzi – to the new – KRISS Vector, HK 416, HK MP7.
Browning 1919 Cutaway – rare instructional, over-sized 1919 that is flanked by inactive missiles, grenades and a military metal detector
Kiowa OH58 Helicopter – hanging within the lobby is a decommissioned helicopter widely used throughout the Vietnam War
Large projectiles, missiles, mortars, and rocket launchers



Staying true to the Wynwood Art District in which Lock & Load Miami calls home, the facility showcases a variety of firearms-related art pieces. Ranging from historical photographs to contemporary prints, murals, spent ammo art and cutting edge x-ray photography, the art collection is geared towards guests who wish to delve into the Wynwood art experience. Most of the unique art within the facility is available for purchase and highlights work from several talented local artists.

Past and present works and exhibits include:

Alexander Mijares ( gun art
Chris Hausbeck gun art; “Gunshine state”
Sylwia Von Walls ( gun art
Guns & Moses by Israeli photographer Toby Cohen
The Acid & Luna Alkali Lifestyle Experience by Evelyn Luna & Scott “ACID” Chester of Acid Cigars
Private exhibition by actor/writer/director Jordi Mollá
Photo-shoot by renowned photographer David Drebin
Photo-shoot by South Beach photographer Michael “Mika Ignition” Bobrowski

Lock & Load Miami helps promote the artistic culture found in Wynwood by allowing artists to display their works throughout our building. Artists who wish to display their art are encouraged to submit a request by emailing